About Me

I am a Ph.D. in Applied Physics & Astrophysics, graduated from University of Texas at Arlington.

Physics study has empowered me to be an additive innovator, with ingredients of critical thinking, attention to detail and fast learning.

My academic research (analytically modeling star evolution and stellar dynamics) and experience listed in footprint are reflections of first principle thinking.

With the analytical ability and multitasking, I have learned software engineering skills and pictured a map of my understanding about Data Science in Astronomy (click the figure below).

I am passionate about the frontiers in:

You may find my ego in my personality and wild ideas.


I have been curious about

Roadmap of life:

  1. Devote early age to extend Human knowledge;
  2. Sociological practice to gain resources to make the world a little bit different, hopefully good difference;
  3. Promote talented individuals with all I may have.

Wild Ideas

Sociological Projects


I'd like to share the details.

Contact Info

Email: contact@domij.info